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Oi… what th’ hell are you? *he seems to be injured at the moment, bleeding from the shoulder*

Jewels’s a tiny goblin!!!

[/ giggles and scampers up the not-so-good doctor’s leg then torso, finally settling on his not bleeding shoulder ]

Yous gots some red spilled on yous.

*grimaces and groans as the goblin climbs all over him* Nnnnrrr, yeah ya could fuckin’ say tha’!! Yer name’s… Jewel? *strange name for a goblin*

Yous should cleans it up. Red’s an ugly color.

uh-huh!! Jewel named Jewel, Jewel!!

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    [/ tilts her head and moves so she’s clinging to the back of Worth’s shirt and sniffing at the bite ] Smells like...
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    Oh tha’s great, thank ya for th’ advice, I’ll be sure to take tha’ into consideration. ‘N okay! I get it! Jewel’s yer...